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“我发现了一种叫狗狗的药丸,并且完全把它吞了下去。”"I found a pill called a dog and swallowed it completely."

这是《狗狗的疗愈》中的一句话。This is a sentence from the Dog Medicine.


《狗狗的疗愈》作者朱莉·巴顿曾经是一个抑郁症患者,在她最痛苦的时候,上天为她派来了一个治疗者,而他,以狗的模样出现,它叫邦克。Julie barton, author of the Dog Medicine, was once a depressed patient. When she was at her worst, god sent her a healer, and he appeared as a dog,called Bunker.

金毛狗邦克教会了朱莉如何去爱,如何对爱负责。Bunker the golden retriever taught Julie how to love, how to love back.



Humans can always be easily cured by dogs, but dogs can suffer from depression just like us.


Depression to suicide

这个故事由一个网友讲述,他的阿姨养了一条金毛有6岁了,2013年家里的儿媳妇怀孕了,儿媳妇不喜欢狗狗,想把狗送人,婆婆拗不过儿媳妇,就给狗狗找了个人家,想过几天就把狗狗送走 。The story was told by a netizen that his aunt had a golden retriever who was 6 years old. In 2013, the daughter-in-law of the family got pregnant,and she didn't like dogs and wanted to give the dog away.

虽然不舍但是也没有办法,临送走的前几天狗狗每天都把头靠在阿姨的大腿上,阿姨觉得好奇怪,怎么狗狗会这样呢?然后阿姨也会跟狗狗讲一些话之类,可是在送走的前一天,金毛狗突然冲出大门,跳进家门前的小池塘里,池塘的水不深,可是……狗狗还是淹死了。 Although loathe to give up,have no way, a few days the dog every day head on aunt's thigh, aunt feel very strange, how can the dog be like this? Then aunt will also talk to the dog some words and so on, but in the day before sending away, golden retriever suddenly rushed out of the door, jumped into the small pond in front of the house, the pond water is not deep, but... The dog drowned.


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它已经感知到这种难过的氛围而患上了抑郁症,狗狗的抑郁症比起人来真的严重很多。人得了抑郁症的话可以说出来,去寻求帮助,但是狗狗真的很难。He had feeled this sad atmosphere and developed depression, which is much worse in dogs than in humans. People can talk about depression and get help, but dogs are really hard.

如果主人没有及时照顾好狗狗的情绪,容易导致狗狗患上忧郁症。If the owner does not take care of the dog's mood in time, it is likely to lead to dog depression.


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Dogs act weird, and you don't know he's depressed

一只叫做Roxy的斗牛犬,它的主人工作很忙,长时间地把它独自留在家里。不陪它散步,不和它互动。狗狗在家里感觉无所适从,只好咬东西来发泄情绪。Roxy, a bulldog, was left alone at home for a long time by his busy owner. Don't walk and interact with he. The dog felt uncomfortable at home and had to bite to let off steam.

主人有一天回家的时候,发现它居然在啃家门口的台阶,牙齿都咬坏了还不肯松口。When master comes home one day, discover it is biting the step of doorstep unexpectedly, the tooth was bitten bad still refuse to let go.

主人因此感到害怕,即使对它发脾气也没能制止,他对狗狗发生了什么完全不了解,只是直觉觉得它疯了,所以直接把它扔到了收容所。He had no idea what had happened to the dog. He just instinctively thought it was crazy, so he threw it into the shelter.


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(图片来自网络)(Pic from the Int)专业的兽医检查了狗狗以后,说它应该是太寂寞了。狗狗心里难过说不出,主人还变本加厉对它发脾气,这样下去狗狗的心理能正常就怪了。A veterinarian examined the dog and said it was probably too lonely. Dog heart sad can not say, the owner also intensified to lose temper with it, so the dog's psychology was becom.

不过好在狗狗在救援人员的陪伴下,正一点点的变得健康起来。But the dogs are getting healthier with the help of rescue workers.狗和猫的性格不同,猫可能会自己玩,但狗不会。如果它们和主人的互动不够,很容易会发生心理问题。Dogs and cats have different personalities. Cats may play by themselves, but dogs don't. If they don't interact with their owners enough, psychological problems can easily occur.


(患上抑郁症的Roxy Roxy suffers from depression)

人得抑郁症可以被狗狗治愈,当狗狗得抑郁症,谁又能将它治愈?恐怕就只有主人的爱才是最好的良药。Depression can be cured by dogs, when dogs depressioned, who can cure them? I am afraid that only master's love is the best medicine.


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☆ 狗狗患有抑郁症,怎么办?




Loneliness is the reason why most dogs suffer from depression. As long as the owners spend more time with your dog, increase interaction with each other, let it feel the owner's care and enhance confidence, the dog will slowly get out of the depression.




2. Social

At ordinary times, the owner can walk the dog more, let the dog often with other dogs or with human, outdoor environment contact more, increase social activities, let the dog's negative emotions to comfort, so that the dog can maintain a positive and healthy attitude. Keeping your dog in a routine makes him feel more secure and reduces the risk of depression.


其实很多出现精神问题的狗狗都有一些惨痛的经历,而大部分经历都是人为弃养造成的伤害。In fact, a lot of dogs with mental problems have some painful experience, and most of the experience is the harm caused by artificial abandonment.

希望我们大家做到不冲动养狗,不任意弃养,这才是我们能够给它们最好的爱。Hope we all do not impulsively keep a dog, not arbitrarily abandoned, this is the best love we can give them.

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